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My name is Doc and I’m an idiot. Which means Male and on the North side of Sixty years of age. Unemployed but always busy doing “something.” Married to the always Beautiful SWMBO for almost 26 years. Forty+ years smoker that finally quit April 2012. (Now I smell damned near most everything!) Ham Radio Operator, Dirt Mover, Retired Navy HM and an all around good guy no matter what my ex- (or the State) says! (We all make mistakes!)

I’m just playing around with this site; I don’t really have a plan for it. So I’m probably just going to post jokes & other funny e-mail other people send to me and funny, or sexy, pictures I find in my travels around the web. I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes as far as “Who’s Making Money From What” & “Who OWNES What”, copyright, I just like spreading shit around for other’s to enjoy. Unfortunately, you probably should have the same sick shit crappy twisted sense of humor I have to get some of it. Good luck on that one!

So, if you don’t like funny stuff, tits & ass, the strange and weird, nor have the ability to allow others to enjoy same, you might want to click on through and join the other Democrats in the reading room somewhere else.

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